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About Us

In the late 1980s a young adventurer by the name of Crazy Dave came upon a small, faltering pawn shop in the town of Orange Park, Florida, and determined immediately that he should purchase it from the then owners and proceed to make it awesome beyond all human comprehension. Everything went smoothly until it was learned a fierce dragon dwelt in the burglary safe at said pawn shop and had prevented its previous tenants from accessing their gold and diamonds. Crazy Dave wasn’t having any of that sh*t, and thus he took down a mighty Fender Stratocaster from the wall and smote the dragon with one fell swoop. Henceforth the townspeople began to use the term “axe” as a synonym for guitar, and word spread of Crazy Dave’s mighty endeavors and infinitely sweet pawn shop.
As years passed it became abundantly clear to Crazy Dave that the coolest products in his shop were musical instruments. He embarked upon a quest to find the most epic of local musicians with whom he might succeed in increasing the already absurd awesomeness of his shop by converting it into a music store. Having already smote a dragon with a guitar, this was an easy task for Crazy Dave, and within a short time Crazy Dave’s Music emerged from the rubble and quickly became the sickest music store for light years in any direction.
The team hired giants to bash out walls and built new rooms for live sound equipment and effect lighting. Buildings were erected to hoard mountains of musical goodies. They struck deals with gnomes to replace the jewelry in the showcases with guitar pedals and microphones. Televisions became DAW displays, lawnmowers made way for electronic drum sets, and gun racks began to hold DJ mixers. Stories were told far and wide, such that Crazy Dave’s Music became renowned throughout the world for being ubiquitously bad-ass and unparalleled in the realm of music stores.And so it remains today.